Paul García, MD, PhD
Address: Atlanta VA Medical Center
Mail Code 151
1670 Clairmont Road
Decatur, Georgia 30033
Fax: 404.728.7780
Tel: 404.321.6111
Office: ext 7570
Lab: ext 7267


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Getting to the VA from Emory:

Weather permitting, I try to encourage people to take the lovely 20 minute walk to the VA through Lullwater Park (see below for details). Alternatively you could take one of the Emory shuttles, ride your bike, carpool or drive to the VA. Parking can be a bit of a pain during the middle of the day. But you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a parking space in one of the decks in the rear of the hospital before 8AM or after 3PM.

Once at the hospital:

Enter the rear of the hospital via the sky bridge connecting the old parking garage and the hospital take the first set of elevators (these are the “A” wing elevators) to the 4th floor. Outside of the security door entrance to the research area is a phone – call 7570 (my office extension) and I will come and get you. If you come through the Clairmont entrance (front of hospital / where the shuttle drops you off and where valet parking is) you will have to walk all the way to the back of the hospital to the “A” wing and take the elevators in the A wing to the 4th floor. My assistant, Diana Beschen, can also be reached at 4994. Please dial her extension if there is no answer when you dial my office at 7570.

Details on walking/biking to VA from Emory:

Enter the main entrance to Lullwater Park and walk down the hill. Eventually take the left fork up a small hill and head towards the left side of the president’s mansion. You will encounter a gate that is occasionally closed for vehicular traffic to the left side of the president’s driveway. Simply maneuver around the left side of that gate (totally legal) and continue on the paved Lullwater path. In about 200 yards you will come across the entrance to the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge is visible from the paved road. Note, just before you see the suspension bridge there is a dirt/gravel path that leads you deep in the woods towards the Yerkes main gate. Do not take that footpath. Walk [your bike] across the suspension bridge and turn right after about 300 yards you will encounter the rear of the VA hospital (near the parking garages). Bike racks are on the bottom floor of the parking garage. Walk in through the rear entrance of the main hospital building and take the first set of elevators (“A” wing elevators) to the 4th floor.