Medical Student

Chris Ma worked with the Neuroanesthesia Lab as a 4th year Emory medical student completing his Discovery Phase Project in 2013. Pursuing a collaboration at the Atlanta VA Medical Center with the laboratory of Jennifer Gooch, PhD, Chris employed behavioral studies on mice, as well as a variety of molecular methods, to examine the effects of anesthesia and calcineurin modification on cognition and learning. Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Emory University.

Research Assistant

Chaitanya Karlapalem, MBBS, AA-S assisted Neuroanesthesia Lab with histology, confocal microscopy, and video analysis in 2013, while pursuing his Master’s in Anesthesiology from Emory University. He was scheduled to graduate as an Anesthesia Physician Assistant in 2014. Prior to this, Chaitanya received a medical degree from India and has worked as a primary care physician in India.

Undergraduate Student

Shavonne Teng worked on an independent research project in the Neuroanesthesia Lab throughout 2013 as part of fulfilling her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Emory University. She primarily focused on recording and analyzing the physiological effects of various anesthetic and pharmacological agents on ex vivo hippocampal brain slices by employing local field potential recording and inducing long-term potentiation.