Clinical Research Assistant

Seth Eisenberg, MD came to the Neuroanesthesia Lab in 2014 as a research interviewer working with Dr. Simon Lee on the lab’s JSMF-sponsored clinical study investigating the overlap of sleep and anesthesia. Dr. Eisenberg was primarily based out of Emory University Hospital Midtown. He came to the lab after receiving both his undergraduate degree and MD from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Resident Researcher

Davin Singh, MD was pursuing research in the Neuroanesthesia Lab through the lab’s JSMF-sponsored clinical study throughout 2013-2014. He focused on studying the association of EEG patterns upon emergence from anesthesia, as well as various patient factors associated with post-operative delirium. Davin came to the group after having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Stanford University. While working with the lab, he received his MD from Emory University in 2014.