Resident Researcher

Qiangguo Xu, MD, MS was a visiting resident researcher spending time in the Neuroanesthesia Lab throughout 2014-15. He primarily examined the effects of anesthesia and GABA modulators on protein expression via Western blotting. Dr. Xu came from an anesthesiology background in China, where he has served as a lead anesthetist in Siping. He received his MD from China Medical University in Shenyang, following his MS in Clinical Anesthesiology from Dailan Medical University.

Medical Student

Courtney Cron was a 4th year medical student at Emory University completing her Discovery Phase project in 2014. She explored the off-target physiologic effects of antibiotics and other pharmacological agents on seizure threshold and long-term potentiation in ex vivo hippocampal slices, and examinined the potential effects of antiretroviral agents on neuron morphology in a primary cortical cell culture system. Prior to Emory, Courtney received her BA in English with a concentration in Neuroscience at Davidson College.